our farm name

Our farm name comes from a mid-twentieth-century verse drama called The Boy with a Cart by British playwright Christopher Fry.  It's a saint's play, but Tiffany loves it because of the role of the chorus that surrounds the action, a community of farmers working and bearing witness in wonder.  Here's how it opens:

In our fields, fallow and burdened, in grass and furrow,
In barn and stable, with scythe, flail, or harrow.
Sheep shearing, milking or mowing, on labour that's older
Than Knowledge, with God we work shoulder to shoulder;
God providing, we dividing, sowing, and pruning;
Not knowing yet and yet sometimes discerning:
Discerning a little at Spring when the bud and shoot
With pointing finger show the hand at the root,
With stretching finger point the mood in the sky:
Sky and root in joint action; and the cry
of the unsteady lamb allying with the brief
Sunlight, with the curled and cautious leaf.