This site tells our family's story as we journey from the Chicago suburbs to build a just and sustainable community farm in Northern Illinois. Our dream is to participate in the renewal and restoration of land long ago hunted by the Potawatomi and for decades cultivated by the great 19th-century bee-keeper C. C. Miller. We're seeking to build Root and Sky Farm, growing animals, grass, trees, and bees to improve the land in beauty and fruitfulness. We’ve got a good story about the name, too.

We're really just beginning, but here at Root & Sky, we like to shoot for the moon.  So here are our goals:

  • To help grow and raise just, delicious food that can help people eat in ways that align with their values.

  • To build welcoming, diverse communities of neighbors, farmers, and artists.

  • To support research into better sustainable farming methods in a changing climate.

And, of course, we hope to somehow survive financially as we go along.

And you? In the words of Robert Frost, you come too.