How To Buy from Root and Sky



In our online store, we offer several easy online-purchase packages including a Christmas Variety Pack, a Chimney Stack Smoked Meats Pack, a Winter Roast Trio, a Celebration Steak Pack, a Grinder Pack, and many more! These are the perfect no-fuss method to buy from Root and Sky Farm, and they allow you to try our products without the whole-hog investment.

Pork Shoulder Steaks

Pork Shoulder Steaks

A La Carte Purchase

Do you want 17 pounds of 100% grass-fed ground beef, one silvopastured, organically fed ham steak, a grass-fed beef liver, and two pounds of pastured lamb stew meat? We can do that! Honestly, we can make a package specifically tailored to your needs. Make your list from our in-stock offerings (click here for lamb, here for pork, and here for beef) and email it to to order. We will send you an invoice by email. Payment can be by check to Josh Kriner or by credit card on delivery/pickup.

Pick up day for bulk pork!

Pick up day for bulk pork!

Buying in Bulk

We sell 1/2 and whole lambs, 1/2 and whole hogs, and 1/4, 1/2, and whole beef. Ordering in bulk can be convenient and money saving. If you order in advance of processing, rather than from our in-stock material, you can choose specific cuts. Either way, to order in bulk, email

Pick Up and Delivery
You can pick up your pork at our farm, or, you may have it delivered within Chicagoland for a gas-money fee, which varies based on the distance from our farm (most between $15-25).  Delivery fee  may be reduced or waived at a multiple-order drop-off site. 

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks on delivery.  Checks should be made out to Josh Kriner. 

Phone:  815-900-0078