Silvo-pastured Pork

Our forest-pastured pork is organically fed and magically delicious. We sell it in several ways: 1/2 hog; whole hog; in packages; and a la carte.


To Buy Pork in Bulk

Halves: A half hog, priced at $7.25/lb, will yield the more or less the following cuts (approximate take home weight is 70 lbs.).

8-9 lb. Sausage (Choose one option: breakfast bulk sausage, Ground Pork, Italian Bulk, Fresh Bratwurst)
13-14 lb Bone in Pork Chops in 1.5 lb packages with two chops per pack
12-13 lb Pork Shoulder Roasts in 3 lb roast packages
6-7 lb Bacon (msg & nitrite free) in 1 lb packages
12-13 lb Ham Roasts (msg & nitrite free)
4-5 lb Ham Steaks (msg & nitrite free)
2-3 lb Spare Ribs in two 3 lb packs
2 lb Neck Bones
3lb Hocks
Organ meat & fat available upon request

Wholes: A whole hog, priced at $7.00 /lb will yield more or less twice the above following cuts (approximate take-home weight is 140 lbs.).

Cut sheets for halves and wholes, in which you may choose from several options for how you'd like your hog butchered, are available at

Spare ribs for your slow roasting pleasure. . .

Spare ribs for your slow roasting pleasure. . .

A La Carte

To order pork a la carte, you may assemble a list of cuts and email them to Payment may be made by credit card or by check to Josh Kriner on delivery or pickup.

We offer the following cuts of pork a la carte:

Pork Chops (2 / pack) $12.00
Shoulder Roast $7.50
Shoulder Steaks (2 / pack) $8.00
Breakfast Links $11.00
Italian Bulk $7.50 - sold out
Spare Ribs $7.50
Fresh Brat $10.00
Uncured Smoked Ham $10.00
Uncured Smoked Ham Steaks $10.50
Uncured Smoked Bacon $16.00
Breakfast Bulk $7.50 - sold out
Italian Bulk $7.50 - sold out
Ground Pork $7.00
Tenderloin $23.00
Fresh Belly $11.00
Fat Skin $2.50 - sold out
Fat Skinless$3.50 - sold out

Rib Roast - $11.00
Boneless Loin Roast $12.00

Our Recherche Hipster Package available in the online  store .

Our Recherche Hipster Package available in the online store.

In Packages

Our online store offers pork in an assortment of packages.